Let’s enjoy Shima Onsen with free bike rentals!

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It will be about 6km (3.8 Miles) from the most famous sport “Shima Ouketsu (potholes)” that is at the very front to “Okushima Lake” that is at the innermost.

As the distance is relatively short, it is also pleasant if you walk inside Shima Onsen. Yet, bicycles are more recommended.

We, Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan, provide rental bikes, which our customers can use for free if they stay at us.

enjoy bikes

This system is popular especially with customers who stays more than two nights.
There are many customers who enjoy cycling at the spa town until evening.

The altitude inside Shima Onsen is less than 600m at the lowest (Shima Ouketsu) and 800m at the highest (Okushima Lake). So the difference is about 200m.

When this happens, you may think that bicycles with electric assist will be better due to effortless.

Yet, there is no steep slopes inside Shima Onsen other than the spot, where it climbs up at once the height of Okushima Lake Dam. In addition, if you climb slopes by your own effort, you can feel the outdoor more and it will be fun and could be a good memory. So I use an ordinary bicycle.

Hold on.
As the bike is equipped with 7-speed gear change, you can climb slopes happily!

Use free bike rentals and let’s make more impressive journey at Shima Onsen.

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