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Private Onsen Tsuki-no-yu Renovated !

Private Onsen Tsuki-no-yu
Visitors from Japan come looking for different things, from authentic Japanese food, cultural experiences, and shopping. Japanese hot springs, or onsen, are yet another popular activity for international tourists.

Though many tourists are interested in onsen, some are from countries that don’t have communal bathing customs. For these visitors, it may take a lot of courage to get naked and take a bath with your friends, let alone complete strangers!

Add to that the fact that most onsen aren’t tattoo friendly, and there are even more visitors who miss out on the opportunity to experience Japanese onsen. The reality is, there are historical reasons that people with tattoos have been banned from onsen in Japan. Despite the influx of international guests who have tattoos, many onsen still maintain this antiquated policy.

As you can see, this all makes for a terrible situation. Many visitors to Japan wish to experience Japan’s famed onsen, but they can’t because of superficial cultural problems. This is truly a shame.

We at Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan have a strong reputation on sites such as Trip Advisor. This is due to our dedication to making onsen accessible to all guests. We have had a “Tattoo Friendly” policy for many years, and we have several private onsen baths that are free for guests to use: three private baths open to all guests, and 2 rooms that include their own private bath.

Many of our guests post photos on Instagram from our private onsen as well. Search #privateonsen and #kashiwayaryokan to see what we have to offer here!

Private Onsen Tsuki-no-yu

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The ALT Special Plan! The Perfect Way to Enjoy Japanese Culture and Onsen

Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan has begun a special deal just for ALT’s currently residing in Japan. With this special plan, you can save up to (Y)2,000 per guest, and you can use the discount as long as there is at least one ALT in your party! Feel free to bring along your visiting family and friends to experience traditional Japanese lodgings.

We at Kashiwaya Ryokan made this plan for two reasons. First we think it would be a shame if the ALT’s in our community and throughout Japan lived here without experiencing a traditional onsen ryokan, an important part of Japanese culture. Second, we guarantee the highest service so that you can thoroughly enjoy your stay in hopes that whenever you return home, whether to visit or to move back, you might share your experience with your friends and family.

Travelers choice 2018

Shima Onsen was once a popular place to come for the curative properties of its waters. Extended stays in onsen towns for health and rehabilitation (“toji” in Japanese) was the original purposes of hot springs in Japan. As such, this is an important part of onsen culture. The town is surrounded by natural beauty and is much the same as it was 50 years ago, giving this onsen resort a nostalgic “old Japan” feel.

Shima Onsen boasts the oldest onsen ryokan in Japan and the onsen temple Yakushido, both of which still stand today, not to mention the stunning natural beauty of the area. The vibrant blue of the rivers and lakes in the area are lovingly called “Shima Blue,” and if you’re lucky you might run into a wild Japanese serow (goat-antelope) or monkey.

shima onsen
‘Sekizenkan’ one of the model of ‘Spirited Away’
Shima Blue – Oku Shima Lake
Toji — Onsen Travel for Health (Health Benefits of Onsen)
Toji refers to a relatively long stay (usually more than one week) at an onsen for the purpose of medical treatment or recuperation. There are records of this type of medical treatment dating as far back as the Kamakura Period (12th-14th centuries), and they say that there are various health benefits to bathing in onsen waters.

Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan is a popular place to stay for international visitors, and was ranked #9 in a TripAdvisor ranking of ryokan popular amongst non-Japanese visitors.

These are just a few of the reasons for Kashiwaya Ryokan’s popularity.
• 3 free private onsen baths and 2 rooms with private open-air baths for guests who prefer privacy but still want to enjoy the hot spring water
• Traditional kaiseki meals
Guests with tattoos are welcome in all onsen baths
• Since we are a smaller ryokan with only 15 rooms, large groups don’t stay here, meaning it’s always quiet, peaceful, and relaxing
• All rooms are Japanese style rooms with tatami and futon to sleep on, allowing our international guests to enjoy an authentic Japanese experience

We hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity to stay at Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kashiwaya Onsen Ryokan

Yukata: the Traditional way of Relaxing at a Japanese Ryokan

Yukata at Onsen Ryokan

When I think about staying at a Japanese Ryokan, the first thing that comes to mind is relaxing in a yukata. A yukata is a type of light cotton kimono that all onsen ryokan have available to guests. Yukata are popular even among our international guests, and they allow you to relax during your stay at a ryokan while experiencing Japanese culture on a deeper level.

We’ve put together some essential information about yukata and how to wear them here.

First, the yukata is just one type of traditional kimono in Japan. This means there are many other kinds in Japan. For example, women can wear one of two kinds of kimono at formal occasions: tomesode for married women or furisode for unmarried women. There are also plain black kimono for mourning, which traditionally have a family crest embossed on them. There are even special kimono just for guests.

Furisode - Kimono

For men’s formalwear we have the nagagi robes, haori jacket, and hakama trousers which form the base of the outfit. On these robes there may be as many as 5 family crests depending on the person’s rank. There are also black habutae kimono made from silk. And for men’s everyday wear, there are the iromuji, samue, and jibei robes.

kimono at formal occasions
kimono at formal occasions

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Onsen Ryokan with Beds and Western Style Meals

western style single bed

Anyone who speaks English probably knows the proverb, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” In Japanese we also have a very similar saying: 郷に入れば郷に従え(go ni ireba go ni shitagae). It means that if you enter a foreign country or region, it is wise to follow the customs and ways there.
I believe that travelling is about not only seeing new sights, but also learning more about another country and culture.
However, during a long journey you will naturally miss the customs of your home country. We Japanese sometimes visit Japanese restaurants abroad. I think this is because many of us become homesick while travelling. Of course, I also believe it is a benefit for international travellers to step out of their comfort zone and learn about other cultures. That’s why I highly recommend staying at a Japanese ryokan.

Japanese style room and Washoku
Japanese style room and Washoku

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Accomodating Onsen Ryokan for Solo Travelers in Japan

solo travel to Japan

The number of international visitors to Japan has been increasing at an incredible rate. According to the Japan Tourism Agency, there were 8.3 million international visitors in 2007, while there were 29 million in 2017. That means in just 10 years the number of international visitors has more than tripled. These visitors come in many forms: some in groups, some on business or with family, and, of course, many travel alone.

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, 11.8% of tourists come alone. Travelers from America are especially likely to travel on their own. While 30% of all visitors who visit Japan for sightseeing travel alone, if we include travelers on business this number increases to 52.9% among Americans.

So, where do you think these travelers are choosing to stay?

Of course, some stay in traditional Japanese accommodations such as ryokan, while others stay in standard hotels, rental houses, or Airbnb rentals. And still others choose to stay in Japan’s capsule hotels, an oddity you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Japanese style room of Ryokan
Japanese style room of Ryokan

While there are a variety of options for accommodations, all can be suited to the solo traveler. Though many guidebooks state that traditional ryokan did not originally accommodate individual travelers, this is no longer the case. In fact, many onsen ryokan now welcome guests traveling alone.

We at Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan in Gunma Prefecture have had the pleasure of boarding many international guests traveling alone. Whether men or women, such travelers have indeed been increasing steadily in recent years.

Our onsen ryokan has even been featured on Japanese media because of how accommodating we are to solo travelers. Once when we were being featured on TV, there happened to be an American woman staying here by herself, and she was kind enough to speak with the TV crew. Continue reading

A Rural Japanese Onsen Ryokan that Provides English Support!

Rural Onsen Ryokan

We at Shima Onsen and Kashiwaya Ryokan are so happy to see more and more visitors from other countries. The number just keeps growing with each year! Some visitors are looking for a quiet getaway near Tokyo, while others have been to Japan before and are looking for new experiences.

Most of our international visitors are from America, but many others come from Australia, Canada, and Singapore too. This means that we at Kashiwaya Ryokan really need to brush up on our English communication!

Currently, only 2 members of the Kashiwaya staff can speak English conversationally. Language level varies among the rest of our staff, but most are far from perfect. Despite this, we seem to have developed a reputation as a rural onsen inn that can accommodate English speakers. Just take a look at some of the glowing reviews our international visitors have written for us.

“As someone who barely speaks Japanese I was a little worried about travelling out into the countryside but my concerns were put to rest by the kind staff who were able to patiently explain things about the inn, in English.” ~Trip Advisor
“The staff is very friendly and can speak English, which is a great plus for the foreigner discount they already include!” ~Trip Advisor

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We got the 2018 Traveler’s Choice Hotel Awards

Travelers choice 2018

Thank you for your support!

We, Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan placed 9th in the Japanese Inn category of the 2018 Traveler’s Choice Hotel Awards, which is run by TripAdvisor.

This follows on our success at the end of last year, in which we placed fourth in TripAdvisor Japan’s “Picked by Travel Enthusiasts! The Most Popular Japanese Inns Among Foreigners 2017” ranking.

All our staff will continue to work together and do our utmost to ensure that guests have a wonderful experience out our inn.

Traveler’s Choice Hotel Awards 2018

Thank you.
Masuo Kashiwabara

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Ryokan that has Rooms with Private Onsen and Open-air Bath

Private open-air Onsen


There are more ryokan that have guest rooms with private onsen and private open-air bath recently.

At those ryokan, you do not need to take onsen with other people.

So you can enjoy onsen even if you are from foreign countries, where you do not have habit to take a bath with other people.

Also, even if you have a tattoo, you can enjoy onsen without problems.


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Meals for vegetarians, vegans, and notices for people with food allergies, and halal.

Example of the dinner
Example of the dinner

The accommodation of Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan usually includes dinner and breakfast (one night stay and two meals per day).

You can enjoy your stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan that has Japanese features such as tatami rooms, an Onsen (hot spring), and Japanese cuisine.

We are happy to have received a lot of good comments and reviews, especially about the cuisine.

For example,

The dinner in the evening is truly the best bit though… A 12 course meal with so many different things to try from Japanese cuisine…

The food was amazing, they happily accommodated my vegetarian request and the in-room dinner and breakfast made the stay feel like a real traditional Japanese experience.

Breakfast is served downstairs, but dinner is served in your own room – both are a delicious parade of more than ten different dishes!

Recently the number of guests at our Ryokan from overseas has been increasing.

In the last four months alone (January to April) this year, we have welcomed guests from more than 30 countries and regions.

So, we have also had variety of requests for special menus (especially vegetarian and vegan).

Example of the breakfast
Example of the breakfast

Therefore, Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan has created five special menus.

1.Regular menu

Regular dishes that we usually serve and many of our guests enjoy.

2. Menu with no meat

Substitute other ingredients for all meat in the regular menu.
Seafood, egg, dairy products are still used.

3. Vegetarian A menu

No meat and seafood, but a basic element of Japanese cuisine, ‘Katsuo Dashi’ (Japanese-style broth with dried bonito(fish) ) is used. Egg and dairy products are also used.

4. Vegetarian B menu

This meal does not contain meat, seafood, egg or dairy products, although ‘Katsuo Dashi'(Japanese-style broth with dried bonito) is used.
As it was mentioned above, ‘Katsuo Dashi’ is a basic element of Japanese cuisine.

5. Vegan menu

This menu does not contain meat, seafood, egg or dairy products. Special broth with edible kelp, mushrooms, and vegetables is used instead of ‘Katsuo Dashi’ (Japanese-style broth with dried bonito). There is an extra charge of 2,000yen per night per person.

– We have the package for Vegan Click to detail

About Allergy / Food Intolerance

We are afraid that we cannot accommodate fully for food allergies.
We will try to do our best. However, some ingredients may contain allergens, and allergens are handled and prepared in the same environment with all other food items, so trace amounts of these allergens may be found in all dishes.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

About Halal

We are sorry to say that we cannot currently prepare halal food.
It is difficult for us to divide our cookware and utensils to prepare a halal menu.
In addition, some seasonings contain a little alcohol.
Please choose one of the five menus above, if possible.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Likes and dislikes

We highly recommend that you try Washoku (Japanese cuisine). It is a great opportunity to enjoy it. There may be some dishes and ingredients that you are unfamiliar with, but they are worth trying.

Please let us know any of your menu requests in advance.

We may not able to accommodate you if ordered on the same day.

If you interested in Japanese style Onsen, Please click here
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Dinner Menu for Winter is now available.

There are lots of delicious vegetables in Gunma.

Including those vegetables, lots of prefecture’s and winter ingredients are combined, such as Gunma Ueno village pork & boar, Sakekasu of Kimusume, Okkirikomi.

Japanese Sake based plum liquor

2. Kashiwaya Original dish
Konnyaku & Hanamame

3. Small bowl
Walnut Tofu with soy sauce paste

4. Grilled dish (served later)
Grilled duck and Ebiimo taro with Jyukkoku Miso and magnolia leaf

5. Center Plate
Shima Onsen grill of seasonal vegetables with Kimusume Sakekasu(Sake lees) dip

6. Boiled Dish
Yuba and shrimp steamed bun,served with garlandchrysanthemum

7. Hot pot
Okkirikomi style hot-pot with Inobuta and Gunma Vegetables

8.Small dish
Monkfish liver steamed with sake

9. Boiled rice
Rice with Maitake mushroom

10. Soup (served later)
Japanese dashi soup with Spanish mackerel Manju

11. Pickled Vegetables

12. Dessert
Tsumagoi Yogurt Mousse, Wasanbon lusk and Rose wine flavored berry Sauce