Traditional Japanese style cuisine in Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan

We offer vegan meal for yout stay in Japanese Ryokan. Our vegan meal does not contain meat, seafood, egg or dairy products. We make special "Dashi (broth)" which is made from kelp and vegetables, instead of ‘Katsuo Dashi’. You can enjoy your stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan that has Japanese features such as tatami rooms, an Onsen (hot spring), and Japanese cuisine.

What is Wagyu Beef? -Japanese Cuisine at Ryokan-

Wagyu in Japan indicates only the native species cattle (purebred Japanese cattle). It is branded beef, bred and fattened according to Japanese original standards. In Gunma prefecture, you can enjoy Joshu Wagyu(上州和牛), which is one of the kinds of Japanese Black premium brand beef. Our Kashiwaya Ryokan also serve Joshu Wagyu for dinner, so you can experience pure Japanese style inn and Wagyu at the same time.

Onsen Ryokan with Beds and Western Style Meals

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Introduce a chef of Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan

Tetsuo Inoue / Our chef First of all self-introduction I am Tetsuo Inoue, served as a chef since 2011. When I first beca...
Shima Onsen

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Customer Voice

Freshly-Baked Bread from a Ryokan so Delicious It’s Indescribable

I remarried last January. Because my husband is from Gunma, he invited me to go because there are good onsens there, and...

Meal is One of the Most Important Point in Choosing Ryokan

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