Traditional Japanese style cuisine in Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan

Kashiwaya Ryokan offers some meal options as well as Vegan plan

Standard meal dinner example

The accommodation of Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan usually includes dinner and breakfast (one night stay and two meals per day).

You can enjoy your stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan that has Japanese features such as tatami rooms, an Onsen (hot spring), and Japanese cuisine.

We are happy to have received a lot of good comments and reviews, especially about the cuisine.

For example,
(Quoted from Tripadvisor)

There is dinner and breakfast provided, they let you choose between a few time slots to serve you the meals in the dining hall. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The meals were very delicious, with a lot of local produce used. You will be very full.

Out of this world experience. We went because they offered a vegan meal option and tattoo-friendly onsens. Each guest in our party could choose the meal they preferred (in advance of course!) and both the standard kaiseki and the vegan were amazing!

It was both of our first times staying at a ryokan but staff gave us a great overview. We booked the vegan meal plan and were served incredibly creative and tasty food for dinners and breakfasts by very friendly staff.

Staff are very warm and welcoming, English friendly, tattoo friendly, and what is often very difficult to find – vegan/vegetarian friendly! The vegan dinner and breakfast sets were some of the best meals of my life.

In the last twelve months until march 31th in 2024, the total number of our guest from overseas reached over 1400 people. It means that at least 100 guests visit our Kashiwaya Ryokan every month.
This is the largest number of guest since we started recording.

Additionally, we have been welcoming guests from more than 18 countries on this March (2024).

Japanese style Breakfast example

So, we have also had variety of requests for special menus (especially vegetarian and vegan).

Therefore, Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan offers some meal plans including vegan plan.

1. Standard plan

This is regular meal plan.
For dinner, we serve you Kaiseki cuisine (traditional Japanese multi-course dishes) including fish, meat, egg, dairy product and ‘Katsuo Dashi’.
Regular dishes are which we usually serve and many of our guests enjoy.

Standard meal without fish or meat (vegetarian)

Technically speaking, we do not offer vegetarian meal at this point.
However, if you prefer to avoid fish or meat, yet ‘Katsuo Dashi’ is acceptable, this option is perfect for you. Egg, dairy products are still used.
Please leave a comment when you make a reservation if you would like to choose this option.

Reservation for Standard plan

2. Vegan plan

This meal does not contain meat, seafood, egg or dairy products.
The Dashi (broth) is made from kelp and vegetables, instead of ‘Katsuo Dashi’
Please noted that the minimum serve for the vegan meal is two, because we arrange vegan meal with special Dashi.

Reservation for Vegan plan

3. Wagyu (highest grade beef) plan

This plan is for meat lover and who is willing to try Wagyu beef.

Wagyu beef stake (main dish)

For a main dish, you can have a Wagyu beef stake as ishiyaki (cooked on hot stone).
Other than main dish, rest of the dishes are same as standard plan (including fish, meat, egg, dairy product and ‘Katsuo Dashi’).

Reservation for Wagyu plan

About Allergy / Food Intolerance

We are afraid that we cannot accommodate fully for food allergies.
We will try to do our best. However, some ingredients may contain allergens, and allergens are handled and prepared in the same environment with all other food items, so trace amounts of these allergens may be found in all dishes.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

About Halal

We are sorry to say that we cannot currently prepare halal food.
It is difficult for us to divide our cookware and utensils to prepare a halal menu.
In addition, some seasonings contain a little alcohol.
Please choose one of the three plans above, if possible.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Likes and dislikes

We highly recommend that you try Washoku (Japanese cuisine). It is a great opportunity to enjoy it. There may be some dishes and ingredients that you are unfamiliar with, but they are worth trying.

Please let us know any of your meal requests three days ahead of your stay.
We may not able to accommodate you if ordered on the same day.

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  1. Athirah Sa'don says:

    Hello, I understand your circumstances regarding halal food. But I have some more questions about it.
    1) About the cookwares and utensils, does it mean that it is not possible to prepare dish using a separate and cleaned utensils or it is not possible to prepare dish using new utensils?
    2) I understand that alcohol is commonly used in Japanese dishes, but is it possible to omit the dishes with alcohol?
    I am sorry for any inconveniences, thank you in advance

    • e_kashiwaya_editor says:

      Thank you for contact us.
      And sorry for late reply.

      We are sorry but we can’t cook the meals for halal.
      We can serve the vegan food.
      Thank you for your understanding.