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Onsen Ryokan Best for Couples | 3 Reasons Kashiwaya is Chosen

Onsen Ryokan Best for Couples To say couples, there are various couples, such as lovers who began the relationship recently, just married couples, and couples snuggled for years. Our Shima onsen Kashiwaya ryokan is recommended to couples and actually used by them the highest, and of course they are very pleased.

Reasons: 1. Private Onsen

Private Onsen

The greatest factor is, again, the 3 private onsen (open-air bath).

It is fun to chat, looking at seasonally changing mountains, such as cherry blossoms, fresh green, autumn leaves, and snows during day and the sky with full of stars during night and taking bath quietly can be also happy.

As we have a system that customers can take private onsen as many times as they want if it is vacant (do not forget to lock the door from inside at the time of use), so customers can enjoy it freely. I think this may be one of factors why couples love our ryokan.

3 onsen have individually different taste.

Kaede-no-yu (Maple) is a Japanese garden-style stone bath with maple and Sanbaseki, famous stone at Gunma).


Sakura-no-yu (Cherry blossom) is a bath using cypress for its frame also made at Gunma Prefecture.


Finally, Tsuki-no-yu (Moon) is a round bath tub type made of wood, using Takanomaki woods made at Kiso.


Reason 2. Meals


And, another thing couples enjoy is dinner provided at each guest room (Oheyasyoku dinner). So to speak, it is like a system to say even “in-room dining of full course”, sitting on a cushion on tatami Japanese-style room, you can enjoy a meal arranged in Gozen (a small table for a meal) called Daimyo (feudal load) Zen with only two people in private.

Daimyo (feudal load) Zen with only two people in private.
Daimyo (feudal load) Zen with only two people in private.

Reason 3. The pace, Shima Onsen

Town Work

In the sense on onsen for couples, our Shima onsen area itself is a perfect resort suitable for couples who want to spend a quiet time flowing leisurely.

When couples who spent such crowded places stay at Shima onsen, they can really relax and get refresh.

Thus, we recommend staying at a quiet resort where you can spend time by you two people alone, like our Shima onsen Kashiwaya ryokan when traveling long in Japan.

We guarantee you two people become more and more intimate!

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Recommended for Couples! A Ryokan with Private Onsen


We came here in February 2013 on our way home from our snowboarding trip in Niigata. It would have been ok just to stay in Niigata but the next day we were going back to our home in Kanagawa so we chose to go to Shima Onsen which we don’t often have the chance to go to.

We arrived about an hour after getting off the Tsukiyono Interchange of Kan-etsu Expressway. After checking in at 5:00 pm, we were led to the room which we reserved beforehand, the Kame no Ma room which is a room that includes an open air bath. It’s a luxurious Japanese room about ten to twelve tatami mats in size with a wooden deck terrace that includes a free-flowing open air bath.

KAME Type Room

Aside from the bath, there were three other open-air baths that you can have all to yourself. We bathed in the Kaede no Yu open air bath, a bath made with specially placed rocks. Maple trees are planted near it and one can enjoy the fresh, green leaves in the spring and the autumn foliage in the fall. You can also view the blossoms of the weeping cherry tree in the spring. When we went, the whole place was covered in snow but we still enjoyed it.

You don’t need to reserve the private open air baths so you’re free to go in if the changing rooms aren’t locked. Aside from these baths, there is a large public bath covered in marble.

For dinner, hen-of-the-woods mushroom rice, chicken hotpot, honeyed scarlet runner beans, homemade konjac jelly, savory egg custard and other extravagant dishes were lined up before us. As an additional dish, we also had salted and grilled freshwater fish! They were all very good and we were very satisfied.

For breakfast, you can choose between Japanese and Western-style breakfasts. I love bread so I had the Western-style breakfast and amazingly, the bread was freshly-baked. Aside from the bread, I had a superb Spanish-style omelette using plenty of local eggs, apple jam, and apple juice. Everything was so extravagant that it was hard to believe that it was breakfast!

Checkout is at 12:00 pm so you can relax and take your time. We went back to our room and bathed in the bath again and we even had time to go back to sleep. Having enjoyed all these, it was only ¥22,000 for 1 night and 2 days including dinner and breakfast! And the price is for two people! I am thinking of going back as a reward for my hardworking self.

Time:February 2013
Age:27 years old
Situation:With lover

Response from Kashiwaya Ryokan
Thank you for staying at our room with an open air bath at Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan on your way home from snowboarding, and for relaxing and taking your time until your 12:00 pm checkout time.

While there isn’t a place where you can ski nor snowboard near Shima Onsen, we have many guests who come for a winter trip that combines skiing and bathing in a hot spring.

By bathing in the bath in your room, in the private hot spring and in the large public bath and by enjoying your meals, we hope that your fatigue from snowboarding was relieved and that you were able to recharge.

Shima Onsen has different faces depending on the season so please come back in the spring and in the fall. We, the whole staff, sincerely look forward to your next visit.


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