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Direct Express Bus from Haneda Airport to Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan

You can now go directly from Haneda Airport to Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan without transfer !a highway bus service connecting Haneda Airport and Shima Onsen has commenced.Although there is only one round trip per day, a highway bus from Haneda Airport to Shima Onsen is now in operation. It’s incredibly convenient as you can travel from Haneda Airport to Shima Onsen without any transfers.

Enjoy Comparing Different Types of Sake with the “Kikizake” set !

Sake, an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice, is a uniquely Japanese alcoholic beverage.There are more than ...
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Contemporary Art Festival, Nakanojo Biennale 2023 – The Whole Town Becomes an Art Museum !

Overview A small rural town in the corner of Gunma Prefecture will become an art museum of contemporary art....
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Details Access to Shima Onsen : Approximately 3 Hours from Tokyo

"Shima Onsen" is closer from Tokyo, where you can enjoy old-fashioned country taste of Japan. It is an Onsen (hot s...
Tips and FAQ

Direct Access from Airports (Haneda or Narita) to Shima Onsen

"Shima Onsen," reasonable proximity of about 3 hours from Tokyo, where you can taste rural rustic spa atmosphere.In...

Are people with tattoos allowed in onsen?

We are tattoo friendly Onsen ryokan.But in Japan, people with tattoo are often rejected to take onsen. It must be great shock if you are rejected bathing in spite of taking all the trouble of visiting Japan to take onsen. Yet, actually, there is a way to take onsen even if you have tattoo. I will introduce the means.

The Top 10 Best Onsen Destinations in Japan

Japan is well known for its relaxing and quiet onsen resort destinations. Meaning “hot spring,” onsen are a popular...

Enjoy the 4 Biggest Onsen in Gunma, Shima, Kusatsu, Ikaho and Minakami

Shima Onsen Kahiwaya Ryokan is in Gunma Prefecture in the Kanto region. Gunma is accessible by bullet train just fi...

How to Take an Onsen?|8 Rules & Manners of Japanese Onsen Bath

Today, we will be introducing the etiquette of visiting hot springs(Onsen) bath in Japan. It is no exaggeration ...
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Why Don’t You Start Packing for Coming Back to Japan? 

Kashiwaya Staff Members Good Time to Ready for Visit Japan! It has been a long time since the border was closed d...