The summer version for Dinner Menu

Kaisei at Onsen Ryokan
Now, we are offering the summer version for Dinner Menu.

Summer Menu 2016
Is a menu, with which you can spend a cool and refreshing summer.

In this season, there are plenty of summer vegetables made in Gunma available.

Please enjoy prefectural ingredients along with herb pork and Akagi chicken.

Chef Norihiko Sakamoto

Plum wine “Osakazuki”

Plum wine is made with Japanese Sake, “Osakazuki”, of brewery in the foothills of Mt. Haruna. Gunma is also one of the most producer of plums in East Japan.

Hanamame (beans) and Sashimi Konjac handmade by the landlady

Hanamame, kojac
Well evaluated classic menu.
The key points are handmade and local Agatsuma production.

Gunma Edamame (green soybeans) Tofu with Sea Urchin Soup

Edamame Tofu
It is refreshing green edamame tofu. Please enjoy it in soup with flavor of sea urchin.

Grilled Eel with Shima Onsen Sake and Salt

Grilled eel
Grilled seasonal eel in salt sauce made with Shima Onsen Sake brewed with Shima Onsen water.

Grill Cold Vegetable of 10 kinds, Made in Gunma

10 Gunma Vegetables
Gunma produces fresh vegetables a lot. Lots of summer vegetables are grilled and cooked to cold.  Served with avocado and anchovy dip.

Chilled Bowl
Gunma Himokawa Cold Udon (noodle)

Udon noodle
Gunma Himokawa Udon served with refreshing ginger flavor.

Gunma Vegetables and Gunma Herb Pork,Tomato Soup Pot

pork and vegetables hot pot
Tasty herb pork and vegetables, served in a soup with tomato flavor, best for summer.
You can add squeezed lime for more refreshing.

Side Dish
Kagafuto Cucumber and Kiku with Amazu (sweet and sour soup), Fresh Octopus.

Fresh Octpus
Enjoy chewy octopus and thick cucumber “Kagafuto” with plum and truffle vinegar.

Kamameshi (rice in a small pot)
Cooked in front of you; Kamameshi of Myoga (Japanese ginger) and Akagi Chicken

Kamameshi of Gunma chicken. Refreshing Zingiber and Myoga tighten the taste.

Small Mellon, pike conger, red taro stem, and blue citron

3 kinds of pickles

Alexandria and Salty Lychee jerry
Uji Matcha Terrine


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