A Ryokan outside Tokyo, but Close to Tokyo

Evening at Onsen Ryokan


There are also a lot of ryokan in Tokyo but most of them do not equipped with onsen and meals.

So, it is hard to experience all the essences of ryokan (Japanese atmosphere, onsen, washoku) there.

Thus, I recommend you to stay at least one night at onsen ryokan that is close to Tokyo.

I have listed up some recommended onsen resorts, where you can enjoy ryokan close to Tokyo.


In Tokyo, there are a variety of accommodations from ultra-luxury hotels to capsule hotels.

The total number of rooms of accommodations is almost 150,000 rooms, combining hotels and ryokan.

In addition, construction and opening of new accommodations are coming up towards the Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo Shibuya night
Bright Lights, Big Tokyo

In Tokyo, there are many ryokan in addition to hotels, and most of them are available with relatively inexpensive rates.

So they are popular among foreign customers who stay in the long term.

Check ryokan in Tokyo here.
Japanese Inn Group

Yet, most of ryokan in Tokyo do not have onsen nor offer meals at ryokan.

Thus, you can experience staying in a Japanese-style room and bedding (futon), but It Is hard to experience all the essences of ryokan (Japanese atmosphere, onsen, washoku), which Japanese people believe.
Washoku in Japanese room
Enjoy Washoku at Japanese room

Thus, I recommend you to stay at ryokan, hotels, and apartments in Tokyo for a long-term, in the meantime, to experience journey of staying at onsen ryokan close to Tokyo for one night and two days.

Here is a list of some recommended onsen resorts as a candidate for such journey.

Our Shima Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)
Kusatsu Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)
Ikaho Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)
Minakami Onsengo (Gunma Prefecture)
Manza Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)
Hakone Onsen (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Yugawara Onsen (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Atami Onsen (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Ito and other Izu Onsen (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Kinugawa Onsen (Tochigi Prefecture)
Shiobara Onsen (Tochigi Prefecture)
Nasu Onsen (Tochigi Prefecture)

These onsen resorts are traditional onsen resorts that are familiar to Japanese since ancient times.

Thus I can recommend them with confidence.

If you want large scale and bustling onsen, I recommend Kusatsu, Ikaho, Hakone, Atami, Kinugawa, and Nasu.
There are many large-scale onsen at these resorts.

If you want onsen with quiet atmosphere, I recommend our Shima onsen and Manza.

Our Shima onsen is located at just nice closeness for one night and two days journey, being about 3 hours from Tokyo.

In addition, there are many wooden ryokan, which has about 15 rooms and full of Japanese atmosphere, and provide high-quality onsen and delicious washoku.

Price range is also a feature from reasonable ryokan of about 6,000 including meals to high class ryokan of about 50,000 yen.

As our onsen town is elongated along with Shimanto River, the entire area keeps quiet atmosphere even when all ryokan are fully occupied.

People from abroad, who visit Shima onsen after visiting bustling places, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, and Tokyo Disney Resort, have been very pleased, saying that it is totally different from other spots in Japanese, being very quiet, and they could refresh.

Shima Onsen town
The quiet and tiny Shima Onsen town

If you want to stay ryokan other than Tokyo but do not know which area you should go and what ryokan you should stay, feel free to contact us.
We are more than happy to help you to find ryokan and onsen resorts, which is perfect for you.

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