My First Trip Alone

Beautiful Scenery

I traveled alone on this trip so I had a hard time choosing my destination. It wasn’t like like I really like onsens to begin with, but I wanted to relax in a place I’ve never been before so I chose Kashiwaya Ryokan in Shima Onsen, Gunma Prefecture.

At any rate, there was a lot of nature when I got there. Relatively, there’s a lot of nature in the place where I live in Kansai but I was able to enjoy a totally different atmosphere.

I was very satisfied just with the nature but when I bathed in the hot spring at the ryokan, I felt at home and at ease. It was my first trip alone but the people at the ryokan were very kind so I didn’t feel any pressure nor did I feel embarrassed – I had an enjoyable time.

You can soak in the hot spring for as long as you like so I stayed for a long time. Most of all, it was great that there was a lot of time to do so, and a ryokan is perfect for this kind of vibe.

Dinner was typically Japanese, and the light and refreshing meal was very good. I had my fill of fish and other fresh ingredients.

I was alone at night so I had some anxiety but they take care of safety properly so I slept with no problem at all.

The next day, I also bathed in the hot spring first thing in the morning. There were only a few guests, so I enjoyed my solitary time even more.

For the rest of my trip, I didn’t do anything else. I just wandered around the ryokan, looking dazedly at nature and enjoyed my time doing nothing. They took care of my belongings while I was sightseeing so that was a big help. Thanks to them I had a good trip. I think it’s a wonderful ryokan.

Time:September 2014
Age:22 years old
Situation:Trip alone

Response from Kashiwaya Ryokan
Thank you for staying with us at Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan for your first trip alone.

Relatively speaking, many guests come to our ryokan for their first trip alone probably because Kashiwaya Ryokan and the atmosphere of Shima Onsen suits solo travelers. Just as what you wrote in your comments, there are many guests who enjoy their time alone to the fullest, and this leads to many more solo trips, after which they come back, this time bringing along family and friends.

Thoroughly enjoying your very own time by yourself with no one bothering you is indeed the best kind of luxury, something that you can seemingly do in everyday life but cannot actually do.

We, the whole staff, sincerely look forward to your next visit. Thank you.

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