Five Bathing Methods to Maximize Beauty Effect of Onsen

One of the benefits of taking onsen is “beauty effect.” Japanese onsen have been referred to as “hot water for beauty” from ancient times, wide range of age’s people from younger to older have been taking advantage of onsen as a part of skin care.

Onsen Effects

The beauty effect of onsen has also scientifically verified. When blood circulation of body is improved by the thermal effect of onsen, discharge of waste is promoted and metabolism is activated. As onsen ingredients remove old cornified layer of skin surface, it is very useful to rejuvenation of skin.

Natural Onsen

Moisturizing effect of water vapor is also excellent. It gives firmness and moisture to dry skins that tend to crack, so that you can get ideal skins. Above all, because all the components included in onsen are natural, thus the safety that there is no risk of side effects is attractive.

However, in order to fully enjoy the beauty effect of onsen, you need to practice the “right bathing method.”

1.Number of Bathing Time

Number of Bathing Time

Beauty effect level of onsen is not proportional to the number of bathing times. As soaking a high temperature onsen for a long time gives large burden on your body, take onsen only several times a day.

2. Preparation before Bathing

Before going to an onsen place, have a light meal. As taking onsen consumes a large amount of energy, you may become ill if you take onsen when hungry. You should also have enough hydration.

3. Things to Do at Washing Space

Before entering the bathtub, wash off the dirt of the body. Wash through sweat and grime of the body as well as makeup. When you enter the bathtub while the body is still dirty, the precious onsen beauty ingredients do not penetrate into the pores.

4. How to Bath

If you enter a bathtub with high temperature water right away, it will put a huge burden on the heart. First, scoop the hot water with Oke (scoop), do “Kakeyu (throw water)” several times on the feet. After the lower body is warmed up, do Kakeyu on the arms, shoulders, and back, and also warm the upper body. When the whole body is accustomed enough to the temperature of onsen, slowly enter the bathtub.

Concerning the time soaking in the bathtub, it should be about 10-30 minutes at the longest. If you want to reduce the burden on the body, you may enter the bathtub in the following step; bathing → wash the hair → bathing → wash the face → bathing → wash the body → bathing… The “split bathing” lets you avoid the risk of continuously soaking in the bathtub for a long period.

5. Notes when Exiting Onsen

If you wash away the body before returning to the dressing room, the beauty ingredients on the skin surface run down. Those who still want to rinse your body before you exit, take shower lightly. Also, take a rest moderately and hydrate after bathing.

Shima onsen is the efficacy rich onsen that is said it works on the 40,000 diseases from the old days. By taking onsen with plenty of time, you can heal the daily fatigue and it gives beauty effect on the skin. When you bathe in onsen, please try these points by all means.

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