“ETC Card” is essential when using a rental car in Japan

ETC card

In my previous blog, I wrote an article to recommend using a rental car for traveling areas close to airports and major cities, such as onsen near Tokyo.

By using a rental car, you can travel more freely at the destination suburbs.

When you travel by a rental car, you will utilize the highway network that covers every corner of Japan.

As highways in Japan are paid, it is recommended to obtain ETC( Electronic Toll Collection ) card, which is useful to pay the fee.

Concerning ETC card, refer to the following link.

How to obtain the ETC card; there is a rental service for short-term users.

As English is available, you can rent an ETC card for 324JPY per day (February 2016 currently) also at Toyota Rental Car that I recommended in the previous blog.

Just set the ETC card in a vehicle-mounted device, then it automatically calculate fees. So you just liquidate collectively when you return the car.

They often sell valuable ETC cards, which are season limited or region limited.

When you rent a car, rent an ETC card at the same time. Then enjoy the drive travel !

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  1. e_kashiwaya_editor says:

    Thank you!

  2. Hi guys. Great website! I run a car rental in Hakuba, Nagano. We’re called Freedom Car Rental Hakuba. It’s good to see other people promoting the Japanese countryside. There are so many beautiful places to see.

    Since you wrote this, it has become possible for everyone to use credit cards on Japanese expressways. ETC was convenient and had lots of discounts when it was originally introduced, but the discounts now are only at weekends and overnight. So people paying 324 yen day to rent a card may not save any money. I would only recommend people drive on the highway to get away from the big cities. Once in “inaka” (the countryside), it is better to use small roads that show you traditional Japan. The expressways themselves are just boring roads to get you somewhere quickly.

    I hope I can visit your onsen soon!