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Frequently asked questions about Kashiwaya Ryokan

Q. Can I book a private open-air bath?
A. The private open-air bath is not a reservation system; you can enjoy it whenever there is no customer.
When someone is in the bath, a lamp in a corridor tells you it. Please lock the bath space when you are in.
Open hours: 3pm – 1am, 3pm – 11am
Q. I have tattoos. Can I enter the hot springs?
A. No problem. We have a private open-air bath, and some rooms have an open-air bath.
So you can enjoy hot springs privately.
Q. How long is it take from airports and other cities?
  • From around Tokyo Station 3 to 3.5 hours
  • From Haneda Airport 3.5 to 4 hours
  • From Narita Airport 4 to 4.5 hours
  • From Kanazawa City 3.5 to 4 hours
  • From Nagano City 2.5 hours

  • *Please go via Tokyo if you come from around Osaka, Kyoto or Nagoya.

Q. Please give me the detail about the bus “ShimaOnsen-go” whose arrival and departure is Tokyo.
A. It’s an intercity bus service going straight Shima Onsen managed by Kanetsu Kotsu.
There is one shuttle service a day. From winter to spring, they have two shuttle services a day.

You can purchase the ticket at a convenience store or an online travel company.
However, they are written in Japanese, so it might be better to book our shuttle bus plan. Map
Q. What is the shuttle bus plan?
It is one of our plans that is an overnight stay with two meals and a ticket for the intercity bus service “ShimaOnsen-go”.
We manage your bus ticket, so please tell the bus driver your name and the name of our hotel.
*You can book this plan just for weekdays. RESERVATION
Q. Where can I take the intercity bus?
A. Go straight in the direction of Ginza from Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station.
You can get on ShimaOnsen-go at Tohoku Express Bus Stop in front of Seven Eleven Nihonbashi 3 Chome. Heighway bus Map
Q. Are there a toilet and shower in a guestroom?
A. “Hana no Ma” and “Kame no Ma” has an open-air bath, bathtub, shower and toilet.
Large type rooms and Standard type rooms has a toilet and sink. Small type room has a sink.
Q. How can I know if the guestrooms are available?
A. You can check it online.
Q. What time can I check out/check in?
A. Check in: 3pm – 9pm (If you have dinner here, please check in by 6pm.)
Please make sure the timetable of public transportation. Check out: 12pm
Q. When can I make a reservation?
A. You can book a room from 6 months before your stay.
Q. I have a problem with credit card payment.
A. Confirm your address, name, birthday etc.
Are you sure that your phone number has 9 numbers at least? Contact us from here if you still have a problem. Contact Form
Q. What kinds of activities can I do at Shima Onsen?
A. Check our blog. Kashiwaya magazine
Q. Do you have vegetarian food?
A. We can remove meat from our menu.

If you don’t eat both meat and fish, please let us know the detail of your diet. We will answer if we can deal with it. In addition, please tell us if you cannot bonito stock, eggs and dairy products.

*We ask you an additional charge under certain circumstances.
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Q. Can you deal with my meals if I have food allergies?
A. Please let us know what food you are allergic to.

We will tell you if we can remove them from the menu. However, we cook your meals at the same kitchen as other guests’ meals, so please make sure that there is a possibility of mixing in.

*We cannot deal with your meals if you have a strong allergy. Inquiry:Contact Form
Q. Can you cook halal foods?
A. I am sorry that we cannot cook them.
Q. Do I need to stay overnight when I use your hot springs and open-air bathes?
A. Yes. Staying overnight at the hotel is required.
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