Buzz about Kashiwaya Campain

If you'll buzz about Kashiwaya after your stay.
This Buzz about Kashiwaya Campaign is great opportunity for many foreigners to visit to Shima Onsen and stay with us.

That's why we start this campaign!
We want you to know about Kashiwaya Ryokan and love us more and more.
I believe you will have a wonderful time here.
  • If you will buzz about Kashiwaya after your stay, you can stay Kashiwaya for 50% OFF rate.
  • Only from September 2011, to Februay 2012(except year end and new year)
  • Standard Japanese tatami-room (Useally 14,000yen)
  • Including dinner and breakfast (great and healthy local food)

After your stay, you have to please write a impression comments about your experience or how you feel you stay at Kashiwaya actually on your blog, facebook, and especially tripadvisor.
japanese room
Enjoy Japanese atomsphare

Onsen, private openair bath

Japanese meals
Including dinner and breakfast

Japanese style hotel Kashiwaya Ryokan
3829 Shia,Nakanojo Agatuma-gun Gunma 377-0601 JAPAN
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